Premium Angus

Premium Angus Beef

It's Angus or Nothing

You want the best in life. Which is why we only sell the best in beef. Angus. Only Angus meets our stringent requirements of superior marbling, perfect “A” maturity and unified steak size. One taste and you’ll agree, it’s angus or nothing.

    Filet Mignon from Certified Steak and Seafood... tender, flavorful, perfect. We start with the best angus beef available, and then age it for 27 days.

    Filet Mignon

    Our flavorful filet bites are produced when our center cut filet mignon are cut. Same great flavor and tenderness, just smaller portions.

    Filet Bites

    There is nothing more satisfying than an Angus New York Strip served piping hot from the grill on a sizzling platter. Aged 27 days for unbelievable tenderness.

    New York Strip

    At first, you will be drawn in by the firm texture and the incredibly robust flavor of these thick, tender angus restaurant classics. Aged 27 days for unbelievable tenderness.

    Top Sirloin

    Our angus beef ribeye presents a heavenly juicy flavor and tender texture that true beef lovers, like cowboys, consider one of the finest. Aged 27 days for unbelievable tenderness.


    Our Porterhouse & T-bones are two steaks in one. A filet mignon one side, and a strip on the other! Aged 27 days for unbelievable tenderness.

    T-Bone / Porterhouse

    A succulent and flavorful Angus Beef Prime Rib is a flavor celebration! Beautiful marbling, a premium Roast from Certified Steak and Seafood. Aged 27 days for unbelievable tenderness.

    Prime Rib

    All of our angus roasts are aged 27 days for great flavor and tenderness. Imagine sinking your teeth into an amazingly juicy roast!

    Roasts & Ribs

    Angus flat iron steak is the second-most tender cut, next to the tenderloin and surprisingly juicy. Aged 27 days for unbelievable tenderness.

    Flat Iron

    The moment these all angus patties hit the grill and start sizzling you will know you are in for a very special gourmet burger experience. All of our patties and dogs are 100% meat, no adders or fillers.

    Burgers / Dogs

    Our ground beef is a 80/20 mix of 100% all natural angus chuck meat. Our stew meat are the trimmings from our most popular tender steaks. Perfect.

    Ground Beef / Stew