personal concierge

Your Personal Concierge. That’s living the prime life.

Customer service is becoming a lost art. Unless you’re living the prime life. With Certified Steak and Seafood, you can expect a personal Concierge, from your first order. Your Concierge will be your go-to person anytime you have a question about our products, delivery, billing, or what would best compliment your steak or seafood purchase. We can even help you plan an amazing meal for your family gatherings, dinner parties and more. Imagine being able to just pick up the phone or send an email to a new 'old friend' and get quick and reliable service. No additional fee. No hassle.

When you live the prime life, you are taken care of. Because frankly, what good is offering prime steak and seafood if the service doesn’t live up to the quality of the product? We encourage you to utilize this personal service we offer.