Our promise. Your guarantee.

Let's be honest, why would you purchase from us more than once if the products or service you received were not wonderful? We treat every order as if it is going to a member of our family and take it personal when something does not go perfect. With this level of commitment, we will never be the largest online purveyor of fine meats and seafood, but at the end of the day we will have the most satisfied customers.

Only Offer What We Know

We only offer products that we have vast experience with, in sourcing, packing, storing, and preparing. This ensures that we always offer the highest quality products, and can provide post order support if necessary. Prior to offering a new product, our chefs prepare supplier samples in our kitchens and verify that it is of the highest quality, both in taste and presentation.

Will we ever offer Buffalo meat? Once we understand what is required to ensure you only get the best Buffalo meat available - sure.

Make a Friend - Make a Profit

The pricing of our products is very competitive, especially when you factor in that we only offer the highest quality, 3rd party certified products available. You may find a lower price somewhere else, but you will not find a better product or service.

Our Relationship Is All About You

Typically, relationships with our customers begin prior to their first order. They may have preparation, product, or availability questions - sometimes about products that we do not offer. We pride ourselves in offering personal customer care and use the full resources and knowledge within our company to make sure every customer need is addressed in a timely manner and with a conclusion that our customer appreciates.

If It Isn't Right - Make It Right. Period.

At the end of the day, you're right - no really. If you experience a problem with any part of your contact with us, we will make it right. No excuses, no barriers, just satisfaction for you.