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Market Report & Price Comparison

If it's more expensive, it must be better, right?

Isn't that the age old question that applies to almost every purchase you make? What something costs is based on many things; how much it costs to produce, the margin of profit wanted, etc. We can't speak as to why our competitors charge what they do, so we'll focus on why our costs are so competitive, even though our products are superior:

  • Supply Chain
    Shorter is better. The fewer times a product is touched, the cheaper it is to sell. Our supply chain is one of the shortest in the industry. We source our Certified Angus Beef® directly and cut and package the steaks ourselves. We also source our seafood directly and inspect and package it ourselves.
  • Volume
    We're vertically integrated into one of the largest importer/exporters in America. This enables us to source directly at incredible prices and pass these savings to you.
  • Efficiencies
    We've been around the block a few times. We've automated almost everything, except for customer care (we like to actually speak with our customers). This enables us to reduce our overall operational costs and pass the savings to you.

You say your products are superior, how?

Our products are superior because we start with the best raw product available, sort it, keep only the best, then have a 3rd party test it to ensure it's pure and unadulterated. Then when we pack your order, we visually inspect it a final time prior to placing it in the cooler.   A quick primer on our product line:

  • Beef
    We only source and sell Certified Angus Beef®. We receive it in sub-primal form, wet age it for 27 days, and then inspect, cut, and package it ourselves. Once a cutting is done, we then send out the scraps to be tested for any harmful bacteria (such as eColi) and will not sell the inventory until testing is complete and the results say that the beef is pure.

    certified angus beef steaksAll beef is graded by the USDA.  If the vendor you're buying from doesn't specifically tell you what their USDA grading is - you're probably buying commodity beef.
    The Prime beef we offer is graded as the top 1% of beef and our Choice is the top 8% of beef. Our All Natural line is graded as the top 1% of any beef claiming to be All Natural.

    Learn more: Prime  |   All Natural  |   Choice  
  • Seafood
    Our seafood is graded as the top 20% of foodservice quality. After receiving our seafood, we hand inspect every piece and only keep the ones that have uniform size, shape, weight, and excellent presentation. The pieces that don't make the cut (average 80%) we sell off to a secondary market.
  • Desserts
    All of our desserts are sourced direct from the factory and are certified Kosher. This ensures that you get the same great cake or pie every time, while knowing that the ingredients used are the best.
  • Weight
    We only sell our products by minimum weight. When you purchase a product that is advertised as 8 oz., then it will always be 8+ oz. This ensures that every piece you serve is uniform.
  • Singles
    We sell all of our products by the piece, not by the box. This allows you to get exactly what you need and not worry about freezer space.

Why do you show us the price of your competitors?

We show you the price of our competitors because we want you to make an informed decision. We believe that if you're informed, you'll purchase from us. After all, why would you spend more money for inferior product?

How do you compare prices?

With each comparison, we compare only the cost per ounce for a particular product & cut. We don't compare quality, because we're confident ours is higher. We calculate the cost per ounce because our competitor may sell a 7 oz. product where ours is an 8 oz. and they're selling boxes, while we sell single pieces. We match the product and weight as close as possible prior to determining the cost per ounce. For products that are offered in various sizes (such as steaks), we'll average the price per ounce across the different sizes.

Additionally, we only compare products with like grading. For example, if a steak is graded or marketed as USDA Choice, then we'll only compare it to our Certified Angus Beef® Choice. If it's graded as USDA Prime or its equivalent, then we'll compare it to our Certified Angus Beef® Prime.

On each product page (except for desserts) we show the price per ounce of our competitors and for us.

Now you can make an informed decision.