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Experience the absolute highest quality seafood available. Lobster, Chilean sea bass, salmon, scallops, crab cakes, all of the premium seafood you are looking for. Fresh harvested and pure, Delivered to your door.

Lobster & Seafood

Compliments of the Sea

We travel the world to find you the finest quality seafood available, then we sort it, grade it, and only keep the top 20% of foodservice grade. You can be sure that every bite will amaze you - because everything we sell comes with a third party quality Certification and our goodness and deliciousness guarantee.

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  • Pure All Natural Tilapia

    All Natural Tilapia Loins

    3 Review(s)

    If you enjoy eating Tilapia, you are going to love ours. So moist and flaky, every bite so enjoyable. Like all of our products, our Tilapia has been tested to ensure they are as pure as Nature intended.

    At a Glance:

    • Farm Raised
    • 3rd Party Certified for safety and purity
    • Hand ... Learn More


    • Iceland Cod


      3 Review(s)

      A mainstay for fish lovers everywhere, and a favorite as traditional Fish n Chips, cod is equally delicious fried in crispy batter, paired with delicate spices, or simply prepared with butter and lemon. Flaky white texture and mild meaty flavor make it one of the most versatile of fish. CSS selects cod fresh from the cold clean waters off Iceland and Russia — make it a mainstay in your fish ... Learn More


    • Raw Easy Peel Shrimp

      EZ Peel Raw Shrimp

      3 Review(s)

      You hear it every time they are served, plain or fancy: mmmm... shrimp! Beloved by all, easy to enjoy and serve, CSS shrimp are Jumbo in size — they are really huge! And of course, they are all additive-free, sweet and delicious. Choose EZ-Peel Raw, slit down the middle for quick peeling once cooked.


      • EZ Peel Shrimp - 2 pounds per bag

      At a Glance:Learn More


    • Mahi


      3 Review(s)

      Mahi has become one of the most popular specialty fish, in homes and restaurants alike. CSS selects Mahi from the tropical waters off the Pacific coast of Latin America for its firm white texture and mild taste, it cooks beautifully whether broiled, poached, baked, sauteed, grilled or pan-seared. And it takes well to lots of different recipes, marinades and seasonings. Enjoy the delicious ve... Learn More


    • Swordfish


      2 Review(s)

      No other fish matches swordfish for mild ocean-fresh flavor, dense meaty texture and endless recipe versatility. Hearty swordfish steaks cook beautifully, whether grilled, broiled, baked or poached. And they are low in fat and calories while rich in Omea-3 oils for heart health. Plus, CSS only offers swordfish low in mercury content (well below the FDA limit) — so you can enjoy it with total... Learn More


    • Red Grouper

      Red Grouper Fillets

      3 Review(s)

      Certified Steak and Seafood Red Grouper is a lean, moist fish with a distinctive yet mild flavor, large flakes and a firm texture. Like all of our products, our Grouper is chem-free and contains no additives. If you love our Sea Bass or Halibut, you'll love our Grouper! Preparation is flexible: Bake, Broil, Deep Fry, or Steam.



    • Halibut Steak

      Halibut Steak

      2 Review(s)

      The reasons halibut is perhaps the most popular fish on restaurant menus world-wide are clear with your first bite: its mild yet full-bodied taste and its firm yet flaky texture. But halibut is not just good, it is good for you, too: it is one of the leanest fish you can eat, boasting a high concentration of important and healthful nutrients, and CSS selects only the best of the catch from t... Learn More


    • Dry Sea Scallops


      5 Review(s)

      Prized for their delicate sweetness and distinctively tender texture, our wild-caught Jumbo Scallops are simple to prepare, impressive to serve and sumptuous to enjoy. Our trusted sources are dedicated to culling only the premium of the catch to meet the highest standards in the industry — ours here at CSS. The mild never-fishy flavor of the Jumbo Scallops we select makes them perfect partne... Learn More


    • Chilean Sea Bass

      Chilean Sea Bass

      4 Review(s)

      Gourmets and gastronomes around the world choose Chilean Sea Bass for its firm yet tender white flesh and uniquely buttery flavor — perfectly suited to so many recipes and an excellent partner for so many seasonings and ingredients. As with all of our seafood, we hand sort and select every portion of our sea bass and only offer what meets our exacting standards. Enjoy it today for yourself a... Learn More


    • Canadian Lobster Tail

      Lobster Tail

      2 Review(s)

      Lobster has long been considered the most sumptuous treasure of the sea, and the tail offers the sweetest and most bountiful meat of all. CSS lobster tails always elicit oohs and aahs as you place their signature steaming red shells on your table, whether they are simply or elaborately prepared. For the ultimate treat, serve them “surf and turf” style with CSS Certified Angus Be... Learn More


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