Influences on Food Choices

In the past decade, food has moved from a primary role of providing sustenance, to the position of being a form of entertainment and a hobby. From cooking magazines, celebrity chef cooking shows, food festivals to cooking competitions, an explosion of restaurant openings, to a plethora of new retail products, food has taken center stage.

While television shows and cooking magazines have stirred interest in the topic of cooking, some people are still not comfortable preparing a meal. Whether you are a beginner or are comfortable in the kitchen, we want to help you develop your skills further so that when you purchase products from Certified Steak & Seafood, you will know exactly how to prepare them.

Everywhere we turn—the mall, the gas station, the supermarket, and at nearly every corner where we live and work—we have the ability to pick up prepared food to eat immediately or to heat up at home. While the convenience and choices are nice, the cost and quality of the food might not be exactly what we seek.

The following are some of the factors which influence our food choices:

  • Cost, convenience, and availability
  • Emotional influences
  • Familiarity with food
  • Health and wellness
  • Nutritional value of the food and related knowledge of customer
  • Age, gender, education
  • Media influences
  • Cultural background

This lesson will provide you with the tools and information necessary to assist you with making educated food choices. Let’s start by looking at basic nutrition principles.