Small Appliances

Food processor: Great for prepping ingredients—chopping, shredding, puréeing—blending pie dough, and puréeing soups and vegetables.

Blender: Use to make beverages and smoothies and to purée soups. Select a model that is at least 500 watts so that it is powerful enough to crush ice.

Toaster or toaster oven: A must for making toast. Purchase one with wide slots for toasting bagels. A toaster oven has the ability to melt cheese on a sandwich or heat items such as pizza.

Electric mixer: A standing mixer or a hand-held mixer is necessary for preparing baked goods.

Coffee or tea maker: There are many options for making coffee or tea. Coffee machines range from 2-to 12-cup automatic drip machines, single-serve machines to French presses, and electric espresso machines. To brew loose leaf tea, a French press is recommended.

Slow-cooker or crock pot: This appliance allows you to slow cook meat, pork and chicken dishes, as well as stew, chili and soup at a low temperature which makes protein and vegetables very tender. Plus it’s very convenient to come home from work with dinner waiting for you. New models allow you to set a timer for the start and stop times.