Most bakeware is made from the same materials and finishes as cookware. Glass is one material that you typically only see in bakeware. Keep in mind that dark finished pans conduct heat differently than glass or lighter colored materials, therefore it is important to check on items at least 15 minutes prior to the stated bake time.

Cookie sheets: Heavy-duty aluminum cookie sheets help you bake evenly-browned cookies. Commonly baking sheets or jelly-roll pans with sides are used for cookie baking, it is best to use cookie sheets which have open sides that allow better air circulation.

Square and rectangular pans: Brownies, bars and cakes are usually baked in 8- or 9-inch square pans. Larger cakes and savory dishes, such as lasagna, are made in 13 x 9-inch pans.

Muffin pans: To make muffins and cupcakes, purchase a 12-cup muffin pan.

Cake pans: To make layered cakes, you will need two straight-sided 9 x 2-inch deep cake pans.

Loaf pans: For quick breads or meat loaf, a 9 x 5 x 3-inch pan is used.

Pie dishes: To make quiche or pies, the most common size is 9-inch.

Cooling racks: To cool baked goods and allow air to circulate around them, a stainless-steel mesh cooling rack with feet on the bottom is used. It is recommended to have two on hand.