Seafood Flavor Pairings

Quality seafood makes a delicious entrée and a very enjoyable meal. Seasonings, sauces and toppings will add to the overall flavor. Light, crisp beverages are appropriate pairings, as well.

  • Common flavor pairings for seafood include dried seasonings, such as Old Bay, as well as basic salt and pepper. Less aggressive seasoning is generally favored for more delicate, mild fish, like trout or cod, whereas more assertive seasoning works best with heartier fish, like swordfish.
  • Sauces should also match the profile of the fish that is being prepared. Mildly flavored, rich butter sauces work best with delicate varieties, elevating the naturally delicate qualities of the fish. Sauces with more pronounced flavors, such as spicy tomato based sauces or complex Asian sauces, can be served with meatier fish.
  • White wine is the most common beverage to pair with fish, highlighting their mild and sweet flavors. Though less common, red wine can be paired with meatier, more flavorful fish, like tuna. With a growing variety of beers on the market, beer pairings have also become more common. Lagers and lighter, crisper and more floral ales work well with most fish.