CSS Quality Difference

At Certified Steak and Seafood (CSS), our mission is to provide you with the finest beef available so that you can enjoy restaurant quality dining at home.

That is why we sell only Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Prime, Choice and Natural grades. We also hand-select your steaks and deliver each order with a written, third-party certification, ensuring quality and freshness.

CAB Prime is an elite product with the highest degree of marbling and consistency. Less than 1% of beef qualifies as CAB Prime, rendering it the best of the best Certified Angus Beef.

CAB Choice offers great taste at great value. It is ranked in the top 8% of all beef sold. There may be variations in marbling, with some steaks appearing leaner than others. Certified Steak & Seafood hand packs each order so that the characteristics of all of the steaks match to ensure consistency.

CAB Natural cuts meet the brand’s standards for all-natural beef. It also meets the brand’s marbling standards and 10 specifications for quality, ensuring every bite is abundantly flavorful and tender.