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Birthday gifts, holiday gifts, corporate gifts, all delivered to your door. Great steaks and seafood.

Assortments & Gift Cards

Send the Gift of Great Taste

Choosing the perfect gift can be difficult at times. We've put together some popular assortments that make your search easier - and they'll be impressed with your choice.

Choose an assortment or eGift Card (they get it right away) or send them a physical gift card that they can keep handy.

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  • Filet Mignon, Rib eye, Top Sirloin

    Silver Standard Assortment

    The Silver Standard contains the following:

    • 2 Angus Filet Mignon - 8 oz.
    • 2 Angus Top Sirloin - 10 oz.
    • 2 Angus Ribeye - 10 oz.

    Raise your expectations with our Silver Standard assortment. Tender Filet Mignons, juicy Ribeyes that sizzle on the grill, and huge Top Sirloins. All with the great flavor that only Certified Angus Beef® can deliver. Our S... Learn More

    Regular Price: $116.68

    Special Price: $103.28

  • Sea Bass, Halibut, Scallops, Crabcakes

    Seafood Celebration

    The Seafood Celebration contains the following:

    • 2 Chilean Sea Bass - 8 oz. ea.
    • 2 Halibut Steaks - 8 oz. ea.
    • Jumbo Scallops - 2 lbs.
    • 4 Crab Cakes - 4 oz. ea.

    If you love seafood, you will love our Seafood Celebration assortment. Enjoy the mild sweet taste of our wonderful chilean sea bass and halibut. Top these off with some firm and fresh se... Learn More

    Regular Price: $154.08

    Special Price: $123.26

  • Reward your employees and favorite customers with Certified Angus Beef prime filet mignon and new york strips.

    VP Corporate Reward

    The VP Corporate Reward contains the following:

    • 2 Angus Prime Filet Mignon - 8 oz. ea.
    • 2 Angus Prime New York Strip - 14 oz. ea.

    Reward your executive team for their great work and your best customers with this VP assortment. Nothing will reward their loyalty better than our tender Prime Filet Mignons and Prime New York Strip. Quality beef that only Certified ... Learn More

    Regular Price: $153.96

    Special Price: $130.87

  • Lobster tail and filet mignon

    Surf & Turf Gold

    The Surf & Turf Gold contains the following:

    • 4 Angus Filet Mignon - 8 oz. ea.
    • 4 Canadian Tails - 5 oz. ea.

    Serve these succulent cold water lobster tails with our mouth-watering Certified Angus Beef® Filet Mignons and your guests will be impressed. This assortment also makes a great gift or corporate reward.


    Regular Price: $166.80

    Special Price: $130.37

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