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Sometimes you just want to throw some fun food on the grill and enjoy a simple meal. Our steak patties and dogs will meet that need but while they are quick, they are also all premium angus beef and 100% chuck. That's right, no adders or fillers.

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  • Premium Angus Steak Patty

    Angus Steak Patties

    4.9 / 5.0
    6 Review(s)

    The moment these extra-large angus patties hit the grill and start sizzling you will know you are in for a very special gourmet “burger” experience. Aficionados know that the juiciest and most satisfying hamburger you can enjoy is one made of 100% pure angus chopped steak.

    We offer three great blends for you to choose from:

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  • Premium Angus Steak Dog

    Angus Steak Dogs

    5.0 / 5.0
    10 Review(s)

    Drop these Premium Angus Beef steak dogs onto the grill and watch your family gather around with plates and buns in hand. You haven't experienced an all beef hot dog until you've eaten one of ours. These all-American steak dogs are crafted from carefully processed Premium Angus beef with no extra fillers or additives - 100% angus chuck..

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  • Premium Angus Grilling Combination

    Summer Grill Fun Pack

    Enjoy your grilling season with our all Premium Angus Beef fun pack. Start off with our premium angus flat iron steaks. Aged for 27 days for maximum flavor and tenderness our flat iron is ever so tender. Our brisket patties and hot dogs are all made from 100% chuck with no adders or fillers. Your family will love this.

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