Filet Mignon

Angus Filet Mignons

The Crown Jewel of Cuts

Filet Mignon from Certified Steak and Seafood...  tender, flavorful, perfect.  We start with the best angus beef available, Certified Angus Beef®, and then age it for 27 days.  Once properly aged, we hand-cut each filet from only the center of the tenderloin, ensuring every steak is tender and uniform.  Upgrade your experience - you're worth it.

Taste the finest. There’s Angus. Then there’s the Certified Angus Beef® brand.

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  • Prime Filet Mignon, Rib eye, T-Bone, New York Strip

    Gold Standard Assortment

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    The Gold Standard contains the following:

    • 2 Angus Prime Filet Mignon - 12 oz.
    • 2 Angus Prime New York Strip - 14 oz.
    • 2 Angus Prime Porterhouse - 24 oz.
    • 2 Angus Prime Ribeye - 10 oz.

    Raise your expectations with our Gold Standard assortment. Filet mignons that melt like butter in your mouth, New York Strips that define tender, juicy Ribeyes, and ... Learn More


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